How High Do Rats Jump

The rats are armed with different abilities that will make an athlete appear undeveloped. These abilities will need to be considered if you are facing a rat infestation in your house and you want to determine a solution for your problem. It is safe to assume that New Jersey rats can jump an incredible height. However, the height and the distance that they can cover may vary. The larger rats will find it difficult to jump than the lighter rat. The jumping ability of the rat can be used for their survival and hunting skill.

The Rat’s Jumping Skill
When thinking about the different types of rats, including those with a bulky body frame, it is safe to say that all type of Elizabeth rats have the capacity to jump. The brown rats prefer to jump at a descending mode rather than upward. Still, they are known for their strong jumping skill that will enable them to move fast. Black rats will have a smaller body frame. They are faster and will be able to jump better than the brown rats.

How Rats Will Use Their Jumping Skill
There are various reasons behind the rat’s jumping ability. One of the known reasons is that their jumping skill allows them to escape the attack of the predator. The enemies of the rats when they are on their natural habitat are known to be fast. They need to leap fast and long in order to keep distant from the attacker. Most of the rats will establish their den above the ground. They will need to jump on the walls and tree trunk to reach the higher elevation. Jumping can also help them in foraging foods. Their jumping allows them to easily access our trashcan.

How Far and High Can They Jump?
Rats are excellent jumpers and can cover a good distance. Based on the studies conducted on rats, they have the ability to jump around 77cm. This means that they can leap almost 2.5ft when they are in the ground. Horizontally, they can jump at more than 4ft. When the rat has a lighter body, it can jump more than 5ft.

Getting Rid of the Elizabeth Rat
As aforementioned, you need to think about the rats jumping skill when looking for a method to get rid of them. The jumping skills of the rats allow them to reach the higher areas of our house. This means that they can easily access the hole and gaps in our attic or roof. To prevent them from accessing our house you need to seal the holes with mesh wire, steel plate, or hardware cloth. Avoid using materials like wood and plastic since the rat can easily destroy them.

When getting rid of the rats, it is not advisable to just deal with the symptom of the infestation. You need to go straight to the cause of the problem. If you failed to find an answer to your problem, you can hire the help of the professionals to solve your rat infestation issue.

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